SANSFIL, a leading supplier of broadband wireless data communications systems, announced today that it has completed all CE mark regulatory testing and can now add the European CE mark to its SANSFIL family of 5 GHz PTP backhaul products. “Having enjoyed success in the North American markets, we can now bring the SANSFIL product line to Europe and regions governed by the European certification standards,” said Dr. Eric Lee, CEO of SANSFIL. The flagship in SANSFIL’s unlicensed backhaul product line, the Excel 100 Series offers 100 Mbps MIMO performance, carrier class features and SANSFIL quality and reliability. The SANSFIL 50 delivers a reliable 50 Mbps of usable capacity at 10 miles, and a maximum link distance of 30 miles. Both Series feature an optimized RF system and carrier-grade media access control (MAC) layer to ensure that high efficiency and performance are maintained at all operating distances. “With SANSFIL’s new launch, we welcome opportunities to work with in-region resellers and distributors. We believe development of solid partnerships is the key to success in bringing new products to Europe,” says Dr. Lee. The product line is available for use in the 49.15-60.85 GHz unlicensed bands or 4.9 GHz public safety band. Models feature an integrated panel antenna or N-type connectorized chassis. SANSFIL is available immediately for volume shipments.

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