SANSFIL, a leading supplier of broadband wireless data communications systems, announced today that it has completed all CE mark regulatory

We are extremely happy to partner with Crossover in this crucial market. Our success depends on local representation

SANSFIL today announces the introduction of a new generation of 5 GHz product lines based on the latest MIMO technologies
Video Conferance Radio 150 Mbps Voip Radio 300 Mbps Gsm getway



About Us
SANSFIL Technologies is one of the world leaders in modern networks especially in wireless Wimax and Pre -Wimax technologies. This corporation was among the first who launched Wimax and Pre -Wimax products to the world market and by Jan 2008 has sold more than 1 million wireless radios to more than 150,000 customers worldwide. Our R&D team consist of the brightest network engineers and up to date PHDs and they are improving both hardware and software platforms on a daily basis. SANSFIL Technologies has sales partners as well as technical partners in 93 countries and has its own offices in 15 countries. After a decade of providing the quality products which are used in a variety of sections such as military, industrial, public safety and so, SANSFIL Technologies is also expanding its market to indoor home and SOHO network products as well as enterprise network products to meet the needs of more customers all around the world even in their homes and their offices.
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